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Who we are

Kate Spence photographed by Steve BacconHello, and welcome to the world that comprises of You&i’s recent projects. Our projects are a diverse bunch, but what they have in common is that they all attempt to connect small businesses and artists with the world at large, whether by creating lovely websites, classic brands or intriguing ads.

You&i is the work of Kate Spence – it is driven by the things that spin her wheels;

Small business  & Entrepreneurship

From management consulting to publishing, Kate’s background is pretty varied. A Jill of many trades, she knows the ins-and-outs of business strategy at a corporate level as well as the ups and downs of running your own business having managed her own magazine for over 7 years. Her magazine was the vehicle through which she was able to celebrate the achievements of creative, gutsy individuals who had taken the road-less-trampled and succeeded without compromising their integrity along the way. She loves folk like this!

Art & Design

Kate is passionate about great design. Her magazine won an Australian Graphic Design Association award and became part of the curriculum at design schools across Australia. She has in the past studied Art and Curating, and worked for the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.

Making Real Connections

It is both easier and harder than ever before to reach the people that matter to your business. Kate understands that while the internet is an extraordinary enabler it is also very difficult to cut through and make those essential connections. She believes that authenticity and storytelling are absolutely crucial to doing so. These two characteristics are fundamental to her designs.



If you need something big done yesterday then Kate’s probably not your girl (as being a mum is her first priority), but give her a couple of weeks or so and she’ll whip up something pretty smart for you.


Kate is based on Waiheke Island (off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand) and loves working with local businesses and people … but, the internet being the internet, she can work with anyone anywhere.