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Design : Veranda Waiheke

Veranda + Waiheke Is logo white

The rebrand of our favourite store on Waiheke is almost complete! Veranda’s new branding is designed to reflect its island location and roots. The colourway is reminiscent of sea and sky and the logotype is a sophisticated stencil of the sort found on packing crates and nautical paraphernalia.

The new online store has also launched with loads of fab brands and products curated by the store’s new owners, Mary, Emma and Rana. More images to come!

You&i : logo design, brand collateral design (carry bags, ribbons, tissue paper, gift vouchers, with comps slips), website look-and-feel, website photography, facebook advertising, eNewsletter template

Veranda website


Web design : Beeswax Books is now live! We have loved designing this online shop with Anna Thede for her publishing company, Beeswax Books. Her first book, ‘Juicy the Peach and the Popcorn Palaver’ is a riot – a wholelottalaughs with some great learnings for kids thrown in. We’re very proud of our friend and can’t wait to see ‘Juicy’ explode into the world. There’s a free whoopee cushion with every purchase if you get in quick! homepage

Site design, popcorn throwing and photography by us. We also designed their logo. Shop powered by Shopify.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.36.56 pm

Juicy the Peach spreads

Graphic Design : Veranda for Sale

Veranda Advice of Sale2-1 Another iconic Waiheke business (and a favourite client) is on the market. From the day Kate Hastings and Lynda Benveniste opened Veranda’s doors just over three years ago it has been a wild success. They have both poured their hearts into Veranda and grown it substantially, but now other projects and hobbies beckon.

We have helped with the sale by designing a window poster, ads for the local posters, writing and posting a trademe ad, promotion on facebook and putting together a document to serve as an Advice of Sale (for which we did the design, copywriting and photography).

Photography : You’ve got it Maid

You&i took these photographs for a website we have just designed for Waiheke-based company, You’ve got it Maid. You’ve got it Maid¬†caters to the needs of absentee homeowners. We wanted their website to reflect both the calibre of properties that are likely to belong to the company’s¬†clientele and the beauty of Waiheke … a photo shoot was in order!

Photography: Veranda

We styled and took photographs of groupings of products for each page of Veranda’s website, as well as close-ups of some individual products.

Photography: Emma Wright

These photographs were taken for Emma Wright to use on her website (also designed by ‘You & i’). Emma had always struggled to capture the intensity and textural quality of her works online so we took some extreme close-ups of several of her pieces and showcased these on her homepage.

Photography: Anton Forde

These photographs were taken of Anton Forde’s workspace, sculptures-in-progress and the gent himself for his new website. While some of the more ‘abstract’ shots didn’t make it onto the site, they were actually our favourites – muddy gumboots in all!