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Graphic design : Black Hut Designs identity

BHD final logo

Sandie and Carolyn are ‘refugees’ from Christchurch who have settled on Waiheke and brought with them their incomparable vision for a new way of building. Before they left Christchurch they built themselves a base to be able to return to. In doing so, they were determined to make a building that could withstand (almost) anything the environment might throw at it, that would be highly sustainable, that would look and feel fantastic … and be transportable, just in case! ¬†They have since applied the same principles to a number of buildings, the plans/drawings for which are now for sale under the ‘Black Hut Designs‘ brand. We worked with Carolyn, Sandie and the broader Black Hut team to develop an identity which we feel is strong, contemporary and yet classic … much like their designs really!

BHD Brand Identity Summary

We have also designed and built them a website to showcase the Black Hut designs.