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What we do

You&i is the work of Kate Spence. Here’s a little bit about what she does …

Website Design

The internet (the ‘i’ in You&i) is an extremely powerful medium for businesses and people to reach others. Kate creates beautiful but simple websites that are easy for visitors to find their way around and for her clients to manage themselves. Kate understands the potential of social media – her websites are search engine-friendly and she makes it as easy as possible for visitors to share/like/tweet what they see*. Having delicious photos of what you do also helps (see below). All Kate’s websites are ‘responsive’ ie. they reformat themselves to work on any device, be it a mobile phone, iPad or computer. VIEW RECENT PROJECTS

Graphic Design

This area of Kate’s work encompasses designing identities for businesses (whether a new logo for a new business or a re-branding for an existing one), ads for print, leaflets, even menu covers … VIEW RECENT PROJECTS


While she doesn’t claim to be a professional photographer, Kate’s not too shabby with a camera and can capture some lovely images for use on a website, brochure, poster or bumper sticker … VIEW RECENT PROJECTS


Years of experience on the receiving end of thousands of press releases means that Kate knows what a good one reads like … and how to write one. She’s an extremely experienced editor of others’ work and is a pedantic proof-reader. VIEW RECENT PROJECTS

*You&i can also organise web hosting etc for you and highly recommend