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Web design: Emma Wright

Emma Wright is “one of New Zealand’s favourite artists” and definitely one of ours. She manages to make works that are both extraordinarily vibrant yet serene. Emma previously only had a blog via which to showcase her work so we created this far more comprehensive website for her.

Some of the key things we wanted to achieve in doing so were;

  • To capture the intensity and true textural quality of her works online
  • To give visitors as many opportunities as possible to use social media to tell the world about them
  • To build a following for her eNewsletter and exhibition invites list.
  • To make sure it was easy for her to update and manage the site herself.

We photographed many of Emma’s works and her studio for the website as well as writing much of the copy. We loved doing it all and hope the result is worthy of her! She did have this to say in her first eNewsletter anouncing her new site, “[it] showcases my work, my inspiration and my studio better than ever before.  I think Kate’s done a smashing job!”