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Web design : Tree Essence

Tree Essence Home page 1

This is the most extensive website we’ve designed and built to date. Tree Essence was desperately in need of a new website to;

  • reflect their new identity (also designed by us) and the level of craftsmanship in their work
  • incorporate a shop for their new ‘Classic’ range of products
  • showcase extensive searchable galleries of their ‘Custom’ projects
  • be able to be self-managed (rather than having to get a web designer to update it with new projects/products for them)

The home page includes a hover effect over the two sides of the main image, each leading the visitor to one of the two main parts of the site; the project portfolio and the shop. We think the result is rather lovely and achieves a level of sophistication without compromising usability.

Tree Essence home page after mouse-over

Portfolio of Custom-build Projects

Shop for Tree Essence's Classic Designs